Extra-light and airy
Very soft and gentle
First weightless MoonaToys in Europe!
Why are we sure that your child will be happy?
They are so big and cute!
Have you seen such cute toys before? Definitely no. MoonaToys are just gaining popularity in Japan and China, and we have these cuties for the first time. This large and soft toy will immediately become your child’s favorite!
Is it really weightless?
Usually giant toys are massive and heavy, but MoonaToys are like fluff. Despite a large size, the toys are very light, and even a two-year-old child can lift them!
Only MoonaToys has this combination of size and weight!
It’s completely safe for your kids!
Extra-light and soft, like a baby pillow. There are no small and hard plastic parts on the toy, so even babies can play with it.
It’s made from natural cotton and completely hypoallergenic.
What kind of toys do we have?
Toy comes super-compressed.
It looks like a colorful cube.
The child does not understand what it is.

Why is gift wrapping exciting?
Until the magic happens
Just in a second, this cube turns into a huge toy, at this moment the children squeal with surprise and joy!
+ Thanks to the packaging, the product ALWAYS arrives in perfect condition.
You give emotions. MoonaToys always evokeWOW effect.
We deliver anywhere in Europe. The average delivery time is 7 days.
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What is the size of our toys?
the weight: 900 g
height: 100 sm
MoonaToys is a big plush friend who is always near!
Gentle, soft, warm. This toy is designed to relieve stress for your child. Children love to play with it and hug. This is
a large anti-stress toy!
MoonaToys is always ready for a hug!
Huge MoonaToys will protect your child from monsters under the bed and will be there all night long. Babies love to hug it tightly, throw up their legs and fall asleep sweetly in its arms.
It’ll be with the child every night!
MoonaToys is not afraid of stains!
Kids love to dirty everything around, MoonaToys is easy to clean right in the washing machine and it dries in just 1 day. The fabric retains its color for over a hundred washes.
It’ll delight your children for years!
What do customers say about MoonaToys?
Are you ready to surprise your child with a huge, soft toy?
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We will help you make a choice.
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